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Surf’s up!

Blazing sunshine, smiling faces, lots of laughs and a beginner’s surfing lesson. These aren’t the things that came to mind when I began searching for

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Traumatic Loss

Lily shares her experience of losing her mum suddenly, and reflects on how complex circumstances can make grieving even harder. It came out of nowhere

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My Experience of Loss

Kim shares her experience of losing her grandma, the impact this has had on her, and the comfort she has found within the Let’s Talk

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“If You Could See Me Now”

Emily shares her thoughts about how celebrity deaths impact our grief. When a celebrity passes away – particularly unexpectedly – the news not only leaves

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Grieving the Loss of In-Laws

Heather Storgaard reflects on this often-overlooked grief, in the wake of the loss of her husband’s parents. The loss of in-laws is an odd topic

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A photo of a woodland in silhouette, taken and provided by Fritha West

The Landscape of Grief

In this beautiful blog, Fritha reflects on a piece she wrote early in her grief journey, and how she feels now as she reads it

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